Linework 8, a print publication for the Illustration students of
Columbia College Chicago, 2018. 

A Wizard's Suitcase, a PDF zine, two pages done in Photoshop CC, 2017. 

IC3 Illustration Annual, a print publication for the Illustration students of Columbia College Chicago, 2017.

Slacktivist, An activist zine, print publication, 2016.


The Salvation Army, four black-and-white comics done to raise awareness about human trafficking, 2017

Exhibits and Contests: 

26th Annual Hokin Honors Gallery. April 11th - April 27th, 2019.

Manifest Arts Festival, Portrait exhibition, “Chloe” 2018.

Creative Action Network, See America. In collaboration with the National Parks Service. "Congaree National Park" poster available here.  2018

Salvation Army Human Trafficking Awareness Month Exhibition at The Atrium at the Thompson Center. January 17-19, 2018.

Creative Allies, Allposters animal pun movie posters, won Honorable Mention award. 2017

Manifest Arts Festival, Portrait exhibition. "Rebecca Skloot"  2017

The Paula F. Pfeffer & Cheryl Johnson-Odin Politcal Cartoon Contest, won Third Place award. 2016



Allison Pardieck is a Chicago-based illustrator who specializes in scientific and editorial illustration.

Her work explores nature, biology, and history through various media. She enjoys research and collecting new information about scientific topics such as medicine, entomology, paleontology, microbiology, and anatomy.

Alongside her passion for natural science illustration, she also tutors college students in writing, biology, and design. She enjoys working in a laboratory and writing research papers.

In her free time, she reads medical history books, enjoys reading and watching science fiction, visits her favorite Chicago museums, and collects entomological specimens.

Allison can be contacted at or through her social media pages linked below.

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